Professional Services Recruitment

What roles in Professional Services can your company utilize?

Markpointe offers intelligent “Tailored Workforce Solutions” for hiring market leaders that have recent troubles in their recruitment department. Unlike the traditional ways of recruitment, Markpointe has created AI that connects today’s most effective applications to provide the most efficient candidate search. These professional services mark and points out “The Right Candidate”, then our “Right Vetting Interviewers” prepare your “Next Employee” saving your operation time.

By definition, the term “professional services” describes careers in the job industry’s service sector. Roles like these typically require higher education or specialized training in the sciences or arts. Many even require specialized certifications or licenses like accountants, HSE, engineers, project management, and more professional services.

The term “professional services” may seem vague and confusing for someone unfamiliar with these sectors of the job market. In general, it’s safe to associate the term “professional services” with job interviews, hiring, advertising, application reviews, and screening, as the roles included in the service field require support across all of these and more areas. All of these terms fall under an all-encompassing human resources process called recruitment.

Examples of Markpointe Professional Services Roles:

Whether you’re looking to fill a role in call center, finance, accounting, IT, manufacturing, oil, energy or more, let Markpointe find you the perfect match. Contact us today!