Construction Recruitment

Markpointe construction recruitment is diversified across several industries within the sector and provides world-class service and flexibility to both our clients and contractors. Our employees and hundreds of affiliated contractors, our geographical reach and pool, of skilled tradesmen are unmatched in the industry.

Markpointe has years of construction management experience and can understand the significance of consistently having the appropriate staff and skill level on every job site and project.

Who We Serve

As construction recruitment and staffing labor demands evolve, so does our expansive network of professionals. A small few of the industries that we serve include:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Heavy Industrial Construction
  • Light Industrial Construction
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Residential Construction
  • Marine Construction
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Construction Management

Also, take a look at a few examples of roles we’re able to fill:

  • Mechanic
  • Fire and Water Remediation
  • Carpenter
  • Equipment Operator
  • Fleet Manager
  • Warehouseman
  • Forklift Driver
  • Electrician
  • Special Equipment Maintenance
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Fence Building
  • Architect
  • Building Services Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Surveyor
  • Structural Engineer
  • Civil Estimators

Markpointe construction recruitment has extensive knowledge and networks to find the right candidate within a range of disciplines. Contact us today to solve your hiring needs.

Safety in Construction

At Markpointe construction recruitment and staffing, we are all too familiar with the golden truth that safety is of the utmost importance in the construction industry. Many would argue that it is indeed the most important truth, and we would agree. That’s why you can count on us to pre-vet your candidate so that you can focus on your work.

What Benefit Does Markpointe Offer the Construction Recruitment Industry?

The current skilled labor shortage has far-reaching effects on the economy. The labor shortage in general construction and such skilled trades as plumbing, carpenter, HVAC, and electrical work has been well-documented throughout the country. Older generations of skilled tradesmen are entering retirement in alarming rates, much faster than they can be replaced.

From years of Construction Management experience, Markpointe understands the importance of always having the right skill level on every job site or project. With a talented pool of skilled craftsmen all over the USA.

Some of the industries that we focus on are Petro-Chemical, Pipeline, Commercial Construction, Heavy & Light Industrial, Power Generation, Residential, Marine, Construction Management, and Disaster Recovery.

Safety is the most important in construction recruitment. You can rest assured that every Markpointe employee we send to you will come prepared with their certifications, PPE, and proper attitude for safe work.

All of our skilled craftsmen have passed a thorough Markpointe Contractor vetting process.

In addition to on-demand access to a pool of proven craftsmen and experienced construction workers, our tailored workforce solutions are engineered to help you maximize workforce productivity and reduce the costs..

Maximize workforce productivity

Reduce hiring costs and challenges

Limit overtime expenditures

Minimize workers’ compensation exposure

Gain project lead opportunities

Complete the form today to get the experienced, reliable craftsmen you need to supplement your core workforce.

Markpointe recruiters have the extensive knowledge and networks to find the right candidate within a range of Construction disciplines. To see a full list of our Construction disciplines, please click here.

More Benefits of Markpointe

  • Reduce hiring challenges
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Limit overtime expenses
  • Gain leads and opportunities on projects
  • Minimize your workers’ compensation exposure

Make sure to get in touch with a Markpointe Construction Recruitment Professional today to discuss how we can help you.
Markpointe recruiters have extensive knowledge and networks to find the perfect candidate within a range of disciplines. Contact us today to solve your hiring needs.

What job Construction opportunities are available?

There are many routes to the different careers within the construction industry. Innovation was key in our formation when you are passionate about a service, you will perform at the top of your performance.

If you are the right candidate and have a desire to work with our recruitment team in search of your dream job. Please submit your resume to the corresponding job post link below. When opportunities arise that meet your skill set we will schedule an interview.

Unskilled and Semi-skilled – General site labor with little or no construction qualifications.

Skilled – Tradesmen who’ve served apprenticeships, typically in labor unions, and on-site managers who possess extensive knowledge and experience in their craft or profession.

Skilled occupations include equipment operators, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, ironworkers, masons, welders, mechanics, and many other manual crafts, as well as those involved in project management.

These require further education qualifications, often in vocational subject areas. These qualifications are either obtained directly after the completion of compulsory education or through “on the job” apprenticeship training.

Technical and Management – Personnel with the greatest educational qualifications, usually graduate degrees, trained to design, manage, and instruct the construction process.

Technical and specialized occupations require more training as a piece of greater technical knowledge is required. These professions also hold more legal responsibility. A shortlist of the main careers with an outline of the educational requirements are given below:

Architect – a person who plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. 

Civil Engineer – an engineer who designs and maintains roads, bridges, dams, and similar structures.

Building Services Engineer – also called building services managers and building supervisors—are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all types of buildings, including office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, churches, hotels, and manufacturing facilities.

Project Manager – Typically holds a 4-year or greater higher education qualification, but are often also qualified in another field such as architecture, civil engineering or quantity surveying.
Structural engineer – Typically holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree in structural engineering.

Surveyor – Typically holds a bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying.

Civil Estimators are professionals who typically have a background in civil engineering, construction project management, or construction supervision.

Markpointe Recruiters have extensive knowledge and networks to find the perfect candidate within a range of disciplines. Contact us today to solve your hiring needs.