Markpointe is diversified across several industries within the Construction sector and provides world-class service and flexibility to both our clients and contractors. Our employees and hundreds of affiliated contractors, our geographical reach and pool, of skilled tradesmen are unmatched in the industry.

What Benefit Does Markpointe Offer the Construction Industry?

The current skilled labor shortage has far-reaching effects on the economy. The labor shortage in general construction and such skilled trades as plumbing, carpenter, HVAC, and electrical work has been well-documented throughout the country. Older generations of skilled tradesmen are entering retirement in alarming rates, much faster than they can be replaced.

From years of Construction Management experience, Markpointe understands the importance of always having the right skill level on every job site or project. With a talented pool of skilled craftsmen all over the USA.

Our tailored workforce is a contingent staffing solution to match the evolving labor demands of your core construction workforce. Some of the industries that we focus on are Petro-Chemical, Commercial Construction, Heavy & Light Industrial, Power Generation, Residential, Marine, Construction Management, and Disaster Recovery.

Safety is the most important. You can rest assured that every Markpointe employee we send to you Jobsite will come prepared with their certifications, PPE, and proper attitude for safe work.

While temporary workers to you, all of our skilled craftsmen have passed a thorough Markpointe Contractor vetting process, come prepared, and provide their own tools.

In addition to on-demand access to a pool of proven craftsmen and experienced construction workers, our tailored workforce solutions are engineered to help you maximize workforce productivity and reduce the costs of adding permanent payroll.

Maximize workforce productivity

Reduce hiring costs and challenges

Limit overtime expenditures

Minimize workers’ compensation exposure

Gain project lead opportunities

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Markpointe recruiters have the extensive knowledge and networks to find the right candidate within a range of Construction disciplines. To see a full list of our Construction disciplines, please click here.