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Hospitals, family practices, schools, home healthcare programs, skilled nursing facilities, and corrections facilities have all experienced a surge in demand for registered nurses, and the global pandemic has ramped up that demand even further. Without a strategic plan, recruiting and hiring the registered nurse you need may seem like an insurmountable challenge.

That’s where Markpointe can help the Texas Healthcare Industry. We partner with you to design custom Recruitment Processes centered on your organization’s specific nursing talent needs. Whether you need to ramp up hiring for a project or you need a long-term plan to staff your healthcare organization, we help you solve your hiring challenges. We focus on candidate quality and cultural fit, our strategies also improve retention, minimize turnover, and boost value across your workforce.

Your Partner for Every Recruiting Need.

At Markpointe, we partner with you to create custom recruiting solutions that support the growth and success of your healthcare organization. We walk beside you every step of the way. With deep industry expertise, customizable RPO solutions, and talent advisory solutions, we help you hire:

Registered Nurse (RN)

930 RN, Days & Nights, General MS/Tele, Ortho/Neuro, & Oncology (Sign on Bonus)

931 RN, Nights, Critical Care: IMU, Cardiothoracic IMU (Sign on Bonus)

932 RN, Cardiac Telemetry (Day/Night Shifts) (Sign on Bonus)

935 Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine

936 OR Charge Nurse (10K Sign On Bonus)

937 Pediatric Cardiac Sonographer

938 RN – Labor & Delivery (N & D Shifts) (Sign on Bonus)

939 Mid-Level Surgical/Ortho RN (10K Sign on Bonus)

940 RN, Clinical Manager – Out Patient Endo and GI Clinic

941 Part Time Surgery RN 11am-7:30pm (Weekdays Only)

942 ER RN Days (Sign-on Bonus)

943 RN – Labor & Delivery (N & D Shifts)  

944 RN Donor Recovery Center

945 Clinical Manager Labor and Delivery Nights

946 RN Operating Room Part Time Days

947 RN Pediatric CV or FT

948 IMU RN FT Nights (10-15k Sign On)

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Travel Nurses or Per Diem Nurses

Overcoming the Nursing Shortage

How We Help You Map Your Route to the Top

At Markpointe, we believe your recruiting strategy should be specific to your organization. That’s why we get to know your unique environment and we craft our solutions to build a reliable talent pipeline, lower costs, and fill open positions faster.

Our proven methods include:

Diversity Hiring

Strategy Audits

Employer Branding

Market Intelligence

Onboarding Support

Technology Evaluation

Positive Candidate Experience

High Touch Recruiting Partnership

Emphasis on Long-Term Hiring Strategies

Customized Processes for the Healthcare Industry

Reach the Top With Custom Recruiting Partnerships at Markpointe we call “Tailored Workforce Solutions”.

If you’re ready to achieve peak recruiting performance from your registered nurse, we’re ready to be your guide.

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Recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations have always been a challenge. It is true that the opportunities in the Healthcare Industry have increased tenfold in the post covid era, but it also unfolded the other side of the scenario.

Even before Covid-19, the healthcare industry was facing enough workforce challenges with aging workers, nursing staff shortages, and the absence of skilled workers. After COVID-19, the need for a skilled workforce has increased massively.

Recruiters globally are looking for practical solutions to the existing healthcare recruitment challenges. Though the post-pandemic era intensified the need for immediate solutions to the existing challenges, it also added a new set of recruitment challenges to make it more elusive.

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Fortunately, there are clever ways now to mitigate the struggle, and we will guide you through that in this article.

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Today’s hiring process is vastly different from that of ten years ago. Even processes developed two years ago require improvement. With the average cost per hire topping $8,000-15,000+, you can’t afford to rely on yesterday’s hiring methods to find today’s top talent.

That’s why it’s critical to examine your existing recruitment strategy and develop new ones. With Markpointe’s Houston area Healthcare Intelligence, you will be able to identify qualified registered nurse candidates who are not only suitable for your patients but also for your company.