What is Staffing Automation?

Staffing automation refers to technology that enables recruitment operations to create automated processes.

Whether it’s automatically sending messages, updating information, or evaluating post-hire experiences, staffing automation has you covered. As a result, less time is spent on mundane work and more time is dedicated to improving relationships and driving growth.

Benefits of staffing automation
The benefits of staffing automation are manifold. Here’s what staffing automation does for you!

1.Saves time
Time savings is perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of implementing staffing automation. A recruiter on average spends 40% on admins’ tasks.

Through automating the admin process, recruiters can better spend that time on tasks that require that human touch like engaging with candidates, interviewing applicants, etc.

2.Provides richer candidate experience
In a candidate-driven world, delivering a stellar candidate experience is table stakes. A subpar candidate experience can cost you placements – in a recent survey, 58% of the candidates said that they rejected an offer because of bad candidate experience.

Delivering a stellar candidate experience is hard. It means that your team is spending more time doing admin work. That’s where automation comes in! With automation, you can deliver a great candidate experience without overloading your team with administrative burdens.

3.Helps in quick Follow – ups
A quick follow-up to every outreach message or email you send to potential candidates or clients is imperative. Many times candidates forget to respond to your email. A follow-up with a simple reminder asking if they received your previous mail goes a long way in getting the conversation started.


Busting some myths about staffing automation
Automation is controversial for most recruiters. There is a right way to do automation and there is a wrong way. We bust some myths about staffing and recruiting automation here!

1.Automation will take away the human aspect of the business
Contrary to this belief, automation will save your teams from unproductive parts of the hiring process so that you can make your hiring process more human-centric. As a rule of thumb, automate everything that doesn’t take human discernment!

Automation doesn’t necessarily mean a technological apocalypse. It means using technology to do your job efficiently without getting burned out.

2.It will affect the candidate’s experience
Quite the contrary! Automation has enhanced candidate experience with personalized communication and faster hiring.

As a Forbes article suggests, the longer the hiring process, the more the chances that the candidates will accept a job offer elsewhere. Staffing automation helps you significantly reduce the time to hire and deliver a better candidate experience at the same time.

Staffing Automation: How to automate your staffing agency?
1.Automate candidate screening
Screening a huge quantity of candidates is a tedious task. With automation, pre-screen your candidates. You can, for example, send them the set of questions you want them to answer.

You can then watch the pre-recorded interviews at your convenience and easily compare candidates.

2.Automate tracking applicants
Use staffing automation to automatically post job listings to relevant job boards and on social media sites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. Automate tracking the applicants throughout the process of hiring with an ATS (Applicant tracking software)

3.Automate communication
Not being able to communicate timely with the candidates is the main reason behind a subpar candidate experience. For the candidate, a new job hunt is a stressful and taxing process and they expect transparency during the process.
On the other hand, for recruiters, it’s nearly impossible to do that with all the moving parts of a recruiting process. Unless there is a universe where a recruiter has 6 hands and 48 hours in a day!

Instead, you can automate your communication with campaigns and trigger-based emails/texts to reach out to your candidates and keep them updated with their status in the recruiting process.

4.Automate interview scheduling
Use staffing automation to simplify interview scheduling and allow candidates to schedule interviews at their preferred time.

You can offer candidates the available time slots. It will allow candidates to schedule or reschedule the interview at their preferred time slot without interrupting your team’s workflow.

On top of that, automation integrated with ATS and CRM will let you foster visibility into your hiring process and monitor every action within one dashboard.

Incorporate staffing automation with Markpointe. Use our own system to boost your company efforts or you can contract our group to build your process for you.


Markpointe is a word-of-mouth staffing agency utilizing an automation-powered recruiting system that can help you significantly reduce your time to hire.

Here are a few more tips you can automate with Markpointe when you start recruitment.

Automate notification whenever candidates apply. Notify your candidates even in case of disqualification with automated rejection emails.

With the email and calendar sync features, you and your team always know the past conversations you had with the person.
Keep candidates posted on their status and send automated interview schedules to candidates. At the same time, keep clients notified.

Automate phone screen scheduling and schedule follow-ups with the management after the candidate interviews.
Get auto reminders whenever a candidate reaches a critical recruiting stage.

With its automation feature, Markpointe will take the pain out of your hiring process and amplify your efficiency as a hiring company. Markpointe will help you nurture relationships with your candidate pool with just a click!

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