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Structural Cabling Is Essential For Any Growing Business

Structured cabling solutions can be used in almost any industry, and they’re not just limited to office buildings! They’re especially useful in manufacturing, education and medicine. Since structured cabling is built to handle all of your data and media, it’s a must-have system for any growing business.

If you own a hotel and want to add free Wi-Fi, structured cabling solutions can support your distributed antenna system and broadcast your signal throughout your property. Colleges and schools can stream live events with the help of a structured cabling system. Even emergency services and first responders can benefit from structured cabling solutions for transmitting crucial data.

Beyond using it to support everyday media needs, structured cabling can help you control and manage energy use in your business location. The Internet of Things can connect all of your systems, so your lighting, temperature and even security cameras all send and receive data.

Want to go green? Structured cabling can support smart lighting that shuts off when you leave the office for the day, or central air schedules that are timed with your business hours. Industries like manufacturing can even use IoT to collect data to cut down on costs and to improve safety. It’s these capabilities that make structured cabling such a great option for business owners. It’s versatile, scalable and reliable.


Businesses use more and more data on even an hourly basis. That puts a lot of stress on a structured cabling infrastructure. If you don’t upgrade that infrastructure, you could be facing downtime and poor connectivity.

With point-to-point cabling, cables directly connect each piece of equipment. For years, this was the convention and standard for cabling infrastructure. Older data centers or businesses using this kind of cabling system are at a disadvantage and facing disorganization.

You also run the risk of increased downtime and obsolescence. Imagine having to sort through hundreds of unlabeled and identical cables every time you need to fix something. To make things more difficult, you’d have to pay extra in labor and services every time you added a new network cabinet to your data center. Those costs, in both time and money, add up and really hurt your bottom line.

Installing newly built structured cabling systems can eliminate much of network downtime.


If you want to future-proof your business, invest in structured cabling solutions. Besides just looking clean and more organized, structured cabling solutions can support your business’s daily needs. These kinds of network cabling solutions are built to accommodate future advancements in tech for the workplace.

Structured cabling Markpointe

Benefits You Can Expect


Structured cabling systems are a great way to mitigate the costs of obsolescence. As new technologies emerge, a simple point-to-point cabling system won’t work. As you add more and more to your office’s technological toolkit, you need a cabling system that supports it.

With a point-to-point cabling system, it’s not guaranteed your network will be able to support your future needs. It’s also a lot harder for an IT specialist to identify and fix a problem with the network should one ever arise (though we certainly hope it never does).

Structured cabling solutions also help you save on labor and service costs. If you ever upgrade your equipment, you won’t have to re-cable your entire system and spend extra time and money on labor.

Structured cabling maximizes your network’s potential without risking downtime due to human error. You’ll have less maintenance to deal with and more ROI.


You can easily move, add or change the hardware at your business with a structured cabling system. Everything runs to the Main Distribution Center or MDA, so all of your cables are consolidated in one place. This flexibility is key if you ever want to upgrade your systems in the future.

A structured cabling system can accommodate new cabinets, workstations or wireless access points. Unlike point-to-point cabling, there’s no sorting through a tangled mess of cables and wires. And if you ever need to move offices or locations, structured cabling systems are easy to dismantle and reassemble.


Installing structured cabling will improve the speed, performance and reliability of your business’s network. A structured cabling system can support your business’s data, video and media needs, so you can get the most out of your network if you need to expand.

Structured cabling will enable your employees to enjoy a high-speed network that supports voice, video and other kinds of media. This is especially helpful in large-scale business operations, like in manufacturing, since structured cabling will also maximize uptime. At the same time, this organized and standardized approach makes it much easier for tech support to identify and troubleshoot issues within the network.

Structured cabling Markpointe

Businesses are sending more and more data through their networks, and it’ll only increase as more tools and technology enter the workplace. Your cabling infrastructure needs to support it. Sticking with point-to-point cabling means you run the risk of longer downtime every time an issue arrives. If you’re outgrowing your old network cabling, or if you just want to maximize your business’s potential, it’s time to bring structured cabling solutions into play!

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Structured cabling Markpointe



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If you’re interested in installing structured cabling solutions at your business location, Markpointe has the experienced data cabling personnel, the resources and the expertise to make sure your network has all the support it needs. They can choose the right solutions to fit your business’s present and future needs.

Structured cabling Markpointe

Besides just being efficient and organized, structured cabling solutions can help you maximize your business’s productivity and make it easier for your IT team to troubleshoot and solve any issues that arise.


Markpointe provides a platform for an overall Information Technology System strategy. With a flexible structured cabling system in your office or building it can support multiple Voice and Network systems regardless of their manufacturer. A structured cabling system can serve as a valuable long term solution with regular maintenance and only minimal upgrades.

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