Pipeline Integrity Maintenance Technician Jobs Houston Texas

Pipeline Integrity Maintenance Technician Jobs Description

Pipeline Integrity Maintenance Technician jobs in Texas Markpointe
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These pipeline integrity jobs are located in Houston, Texas as well as in Louisiana.

The work is project to project basis and our pipeline integrity company keeps a pool of qualified candidates to support ongoing and upcoming projects.

The pay is good, and the potential for improvement is always available with hard work and dedication.

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Job Information

Work Experience: Any Maintenance

Industry: Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Integrity Maintenance, Facilities

Salary: $12.00 – 30.00+

Region: Houston Area / Greater Houston Area (also Texas and Louisiana)

  • Pre-job responsibilities may include checking equipment specific to the job requirements, compiling a tracking sheet, travel arrangements to jobsite, packing of equipment, informing other crew members of specific job duties.
  • On site duties will include, write field reports on activities completed, administrative reporting,
    represent the company in a professional manner, safety permits, manage and maintain company equipment. Duties can also include, operating and troubleshooting water transfer pumps, monitoring water levels in frack tanks, dewatering pipeline to dewatering structure, operating and troubleshooting air compressors, pig launching, pig tracking, rigging up line finding/marking, site documentation/assessment, AGM deployment, attending operator’s meetings, receiving a pig, locating a stuck pig, and cleaning pipelines.
  • Post-job responsibilities will include travel arrangements, maintenance and packing of equipment, and various administration requirements such as time and expense documentation.
  • Equipment maintenance and general shop upkeep.
  • Performance of other duties as assigned.
  • Make safety a top priority at all times as it relates to you, all colleagues, and our clients’ personnel.


  • Travel Requirement: 90% both domestic
  • Must be willing to travel extensively, often on short notice for durations of a few weeks day to several weeks.
  • Must be able to perform shift work working either night or day shifts, week-ends, and often days of up to 14 hours. Work is often irregular with gaps of several days or potentially weeks between assignments.
  • Possess reasonable credit for the purpose of booking hotels,
    rent cars and occasionally airline tickets which are all reimbursable by the
    company during regularly scheduled expense remittals.
  • Must be able to operate a laptop computer proficiently to receive and dispatch emails, to operate an Excel spreadsheet, to be able to comprehend mapping programs such as Delorme Street Atlas & Microsoft Streets and Trips and to navigate from GPS information to locations on either of these mapping programs.
  • Must be comfortable and competent in communicating in the English language by phone, text, or email to company personnel and also to outside contractors or clients.
  • Practice common rig up practices of equipment spreads
  • Expansive knowledge of tools and their proper applications
  • Must possess reasonable math skills for calculation of related subject like speed of travel, ETS’s, flow rates in Bbls/Hr etc.
  • Ability to teach and impart technical and administrative skills to junior technicians and/or assistants.
  • Detail oriented with a dedication to quality control and quality assurance processes.
  • Ability to multi-task and properly execute multiple simultaneous assignments without sacrificing efficiency or quality of the work.
  • Ability to communicate and cooperate with diverse groups of people.
  • Must be customer focused, have an excellent attention to detail and a strong ability to work together in a team environment.
  • Requires excellent ability to represent the company in a professional manner with regard to communicating and interfacing with clients and capable of maintaining confidentiality.
  • Ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem.
  • Courteous and respectful in all communications with team members and clients.
  • Should possess some or all of the following skills and or abilities:
  • Line locating with pipe locators such as Metrotech,
    Radiodetection or similar
  • Operation of Wavetrak and or similar pipeline pigging
  • Use of Garmin, Trimble, or equivalent GPS equipment for
    the purpose of general navigation.
  • Knowledge or experience with Above Ground marker (AGM)
    systems from as many of the following as possible or equivalent (NDT, Tuboscope, GE, Rosen,
    TDW, Armadillo, Envirocal, Enduro, Quest).
  • Be able to walk pipeline right-of-ways for distances of
    several miles, work outdoors, stand for extensive periods, and be capable of
    lifting equipment into and out of crates or truck beds of 70lbs or more.
  • Candidates require a driver’s license and the ability to
    rent auto. Also require good hearing and
    vision for the operation of visual and acoustic pipeline equipment.
  • US Dept of Trans. / Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety
    Administration (PHMSA) Operator Qualifications (OQ’s). Should possess as many as practical or be
    able to qualify for training of all OQ’s deemed related to the assigned duties.
  • Possess or be able to qualify for a US Gov. Terminal
    Workers Identification Card (TWIC) for access to restricted work sites. Should also possess or be able to obtain a
  • Candidates will be required to undergo US DOT drug & alcohol testing for transportation industry workers. This will be an ongoing requirement.


Pipeline integrity salary and benefits to be discussed during the interview process.