Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

Best HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses in 2021

Outsourcing Human Resources Services can reduce your administration time and allow you to focus on growing your business

Human Resources Services  Markpointe

Administrative responsibilities can be a burden on any company, but for smaller businesses in particular managing human resources can be a heavy tax. When you run a small company with limited time and resources the last thing you want to do is divert your attention from the core business, that’s your bread and butter. Outsourcing human resources functions can reduce your administrative workload and free up your time so you can focus on your business objectives.

If you haven’t given serious thought to outsourcing, the range of tasks that can be offloaded might surprise you. An HR outsourcing company can manage a whole range of human resources functions that you might otherwise outsource to multiple providers – these functions include everything from payroll processing, financing, benefit plan management, administration to recruiting, training, and more. With one provider to take responsibility for a range of HR functions, you’ll not only spend less time on administration, but less time managing vendor relationships as well.

However, it’s important to find an outsourcing company that will work with you to provide services that are easy to use and accessible for your employees.

Human Resources Services  Markpointe

Since managing human resources services efficiently and intelligently is critical to your company’s success, it’s vital to find a service provider who can offer the right mix of services. Whether you want a bundled package or you prefer to pick and choose the services you need, our “Tailored Workforce Solutions” have the right options available to you.

The marketplace is crowded with companies to choose from, but we’ve done the research and the time to bring you the best we have to offer. We’ll give you our reasons for outsourcing and take in depth in the variety available services and give you the bottom line on some of the best- practices in the industry. With this information you’ll be prepared to make the optimal decision for you company.

Small Business HR Outsourcing Trends in 2021

The still relevant and increasing tendency to move toward the cloud. Cloud computing is nothing new, but it is becoming even more prevalent when it comes to things like outsourcing because it is a convenient way to share work and communicate when employees are spread out in different locations. Cloud computing also offers a quick way for you to access information and check in with outsourced employees. We have access to today’s most beneficial software and processes to support remotely anywhere in the United States and the world.

Some businesses are also starting to look toward social media as a means of recruitment, but even that can be troublesome. Social media allows businesses to reach potential employees no matter where they live. It can be an effective recruitment tool when you’re searching for employees who aren’t necessarily local to your business.

Finally, some companies are contemplating “selective outsourcing,” which means outsourcing part of their HR needs, but not all. This creates a balance between the benefits of HR outsourcing and the challenges (such as time zone differences and communication difficulties).

Full Time Payroll vs Selective Outsourcing

For most small business owners, price is going to play an important role in deciding on which HR outsourcing company to choose. However, HR outsourcing services are highly customized based on the needs of the client. It’s important to note that outsourcing costs can vary anywhere from $45 to $1,500 per month based on the number of employees and the particular services required. Charges may range from 4% to 8% of each employee’s pretax monthly salary, which means that the total cost will vary considerably based on size. In some cases, services can be outsourced for a flat monthly fee as well.

According to Lisa Fleming, PR Manager at Paychex, “The cost for fully outsourced HR services varies greatly and is typically customized based on the individual needs of the client. Generally, however, when combining comprehensive service and technology solutions for on-site HR support, payroll, and retirement benefits, the price can be as low as $680 per bi-weekly pay period for 10 employees, far less than hiring a full-time Human Resources Services person for your small business.”

Best HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses Overall

Markpointe offers the full range of services for HR outsourcing, including payroll, taxes, benefits, recruiting and training; and they do so without requiring a long-term contract.

More uniquely we also offers an on-site assistance program that puts HR professionals in the office when customers need more help.

Our firm creates a robust set of guidelines customized to meet the needs of each client. Our company website also offers significant educational resources on a wide range of HR topics.

One upside, additionally, is that Markpointe can offer a live chat function, so clients don’t have to depend on telephone options to communicate. They also offer special programs for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, making them a standout provider for smaller businesses.

Looking for HR Outsourcing for your company? If you would like information to help you choose the one that’s right for you contact Markpointe to provide you with information now:

What HR functions are you looking to outsource?

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Best HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Markpointe HR Department offers every service you could ask for, and does so without requiring a long-term contract in most scenarios. For the very small companies, they are well equipped to handle the entire HR process. The company will work with customers to develop strategy and strengthen areas where there are weaknesses. They offer convenient online account management and mobile options that make it easy for customers to stay on top of HR administration, and we can also help with training, performance reviews and other employee management issues.

Best HR Outsourcing for Customers Who Want a Customized Offering

Markpointe HR Department offers nearly all the features you could ask for, and will even conduct background checks and drug testing during the recruitment process. Markpointe offers assistance in all areas of human resources administration, including recruitment, payroll, benefit administration, regulatory compliance, and risk management. The company is particularly well suited to the small business owner that wants to pick and choose among services, and doesn’t require clients to purchase bundled services. Employees can easily access pay and benefit information from website links, while mobile apps allows them to view their information on the go. The mobile app also makes it possible to track time, attendance, paid time off and vacation accruals. Customer support is great and pricing model is based on a percentage of employee salary and total cost is a function of the number of employees and specific services chosen.

Best HR Outsourcing for Industry Specific Solutions

Markpointe offers the comprehensive range of services you would expect from an HR outsourcing firm, but stands out by organizing its services along industry lines. For customers in oil and gas, energy, information technology, manufacturing, construction or other industries that may have special needs in setting up benefits and administrative functions, Markpointe offers specific industry knowledge. They offer strong reporting capabilities, and can connect to QuickBooks as well as employer HR dashboards.

Our Optimization in HR Processes

To find the human resources outsourcing solutions for small businesses, we are owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of working in a tight knit group.

Maximize your HR processes across payroll, compliance, talent management and other Human Capital Management practices with consulting from Markpointe, some of the ways we can help include:

  • Evaluating payroll and core HR administration processes
  • Providing benefits administration support
  • Reviewing time processes
  • Setting up employee self-service
  • Evaluating benefits programs and compliance tracking and reporting
  • Providing customized training and best-practice recommendations
Human Resources Services Markpointe

HR services support when you need it

Improve HR operational efficiencies

There are times when you need in-depth guidance from seasoned experts — especially if your company is taking on an expansion, acquisition, merger, reorganization or other major initiative that will impact your workforce.

Confidently navigate your next major change with the help of  Markpointe consulting and professional services. Our experts will analyze your human capital management (HCM) processes, then recommend best practices for your industry that allow you to become more efficient — freeing up time for you to focus on the heart of your business.

Because you can’t predict every workforce challenge you’ll face, and you don’t always have the time or staff on hand to learn every HR nuance, having a dedicated partner that understands HCM for your industry and your business can be a safe — and productive — option.

Our clients in a range of industries have trusted Markpointe for responsive, knowledgeable, and personalized service.

Recruitment, Prescreening, Testing, Interviewing, Payroll

Here are the remaining specific services we offer:

Recruiting is a behemoth in the payroll processing industry, and the best choice for all sized companies. We offer the full range of outsourcing capabilities, including standout performance management features. Our services span the full employee life cycle, and they are one of the few outsourcing companies to conduct first round interviews. We are generally praised for our customer service.

Pre-Screening offers a comprehensive range of services, and allows customers to pick and choose rather than subscribing to a bundled plan.

Interviewing offers most of the services companies require from an outsourcer, with the exceptions of recruitment, job postings and job descriptions. Their performance management options are considered to be outstanding, but overall the company really is targeted toward the largest corporate clients.

Payroll is a popular choice among mid-sized companies, with customers expressing high levels of satisfaction. We offer an extensive range of services, including full lifecycle recruiting, and customers express appreciation for their integration of payroll, benefits and administration.

Markpointe HR Department offers assistance with payroll, benefits, risk management and administration for companies of all sizes.

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